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Investigating Quadratic Factors14 October 2013

Using only multiplication and addition we should be able, eventually, to find a link between the numbers in the original "expressions" (how do we know they are not "formulae" or "equations"?) and the... more

Gradients8 October 2013

On the worksheet in front of you you have a graph and directly below it, two grids of exactly the same dimensions. On each separate grid, try to plot the gradients of the functions below. Gradient... more

Brand Symmetry1 September 2013

Humans, and nature, are natural pattern spotters. We are drawn to symmetry, just as bumble bees are in their hunt for pollen. So it is not surprising that most well-known companies have symmetry in their... more

Tech Tools24 August 2013

Geogebra offers a staggering arrray of new possibilities for the practising mathematics teacher and looks set to continue doing so well into the future. The link here takes you to a treasure trove... more

Collaboration19 August 2013

'The largest staff room in the world' Page under construction We genuinely feel that it is an incredible time to be a teacher for a good deal of reasons. One of the foremost is that developments in... more

Interesting ways to teach....19 August 2013

These collaborative google presentations are a mathematics specific elaboration of a great idea from Tom Barrett. The idea is simple, add a slide to the presentation that tells us one or more of your... more

Books about mathematics19 August 2013

'Sharing the books that have inspired us and our students' Mathematics teachers usually have a couple of books that have become seminal to them in terms of their teaching pedagogy, mathematics as a... more

Eventsfree17 August 2013

This page is all about 'Special Events and projects'' that we work on and want to share. more

Percentages of Amountsfree9 August 2013

"Some fun 2 player games that get you to practise finding percentages in your head" Remember "per cent" means "out of 100". The percentage sign is made up of the digits  1 0 0 rearranged into a fraction... more

Percentages of Amounts TNfree9 August 2013

This resource is meant to be a mix of tutorial, game and there are only three standard percentage questions which use of this resource in class has proved to require to be most effective. more