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BCME - Real Datafree30 March 2014

This page will act as a resource sharing area for the session being run at the BCME 8 conference in Nottingham 2014 more

Indestructible Quadrilaterals - 5free18 March 2014

Here is the fifth shape to work with! Move the shape around and try to put the properties and shapes under the one of the headings, 'Always', 'Sometimes' and 'Never'. Remember the main activity page... more

Olympic Rings Logo9 February 2014

'Make a dynamic logo for the Olympic Games' The instantly recognisable Olympic Games logo is composed of 5 interlocking rings. Created 100 years ago it is in dire need of bringing into the 21st Century.... more

Geogebra17 December 2013

I used to call Geogebra 'dynamic geometry software' and whilst it does perform this very well, to say that it is a piece of dynamic geometry software is rather underselling it. It does far more than... more

Inequality Dinosaurs 28 December 2013

Inequality Eggs A for Internet Explorer users more

Inequality Number Linesfree6 December 2013

Adjust the right and left end points of the lines below and select, or de-select, the checkboxes to include or not include the end values, so that your line accurately represents the inequality highlighted... more

ISMTF Vienna 2012free21 November 2013

There are lots and lots of great videos out on the net that make an engaging introduction to mathematical concepts and techniques. This session aims to show you some examples of: 1. Applications of... more

Sine Rule – Using a Theodolite 2 November 2013

'Get some experience working as a Surveyor!' If you have ever seen a couple of people working like the two men in the photograph opposite then you have probably wondered what they are doing. One is... more

Inequalities Introduction TN24 October 2013

I love this lesson because students always get so involved trying to design the most effective visualisation for an inequality and win their class's vote. I think it's a genuine opportunity for students... more

Trick or Treat17 October 2013

'Use you powers of mental arithmetic and logic to clean up on Halloween this year!' Activity under construction and review This is good fun mathematics game to play at Halloween (or whenever you want!)... more