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Factorising Puzzlefree26 October 2014

'Solve puzzles to find the mysteries behind algebra'What is the missing number? If I give you the answer, can you tell me the numbers in the question? If you enjoy a puzzle and a challenge you should... more

Trigonometry Function Family TNfree26 October 2014

Mathematics can be beautiful, but the students who might appreciate the proof of the irrationality of root 2 are perhaps, and unfortunately, in a fairly small minority. However, students really do appreciate... more

Trigonometry Function Familyfree26 October 2014

'Produce beautiful images using trigonometric graphs.'The main part of this activity is to produce lovely images like the one on the left. To do that you will need to recognise the patterns behind these... more

Meeting Functions20 October 2014

'Get to the heart of what functions are about by matching these inputs, equations and outputs together - a 'simple' matching activity!'There are 8 algebraic equations giving the relationship between the... more

Meeting Functions TN20 October 2014

This activity is a good example of old meets new! Students essentially work with cut out bits of paper to match inputs, outputs and functions together, but they are expected to be using their calculators/technology... more

Prism Volumes13 October 2014

It is essential that you do not confuse surface area with volume. To confuse the two is like confusing weight with height - they are measures of completely different things. It's the sort of confusion... more

Exploring Expressions1 October 2014

Letters, in mathematics, always represent a number and in an expression (expressions don't have an "=" sign), these letters can be any number you want them to be! In this activity, you're going to replace... more

Loopy Polygons16 August 2014

'Fit polygons together to make loops. Discover the patterns.'Octagons can be fitted together to make loops. Try it for yourself with this applet!How many octagons do you need to make a loop? Are there... more

Making Indestructible Quadrilateralsfree13 August 2014

'Construct your own indestructible quadrilaterals based on your understanding of their fundamental properties' This is an activity in its own right, but does follow on really nicely from Indestructible... more

Indestructible Quadrilaterals - 7free13 August 2014

Here is the seventh shape to work with! Move the shape around and try to put the properties and shapes under the one of the headings, 'Always', 'Sometimes' and 'Never'. Remember the main activity page... more