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Circle Circumference20 November 2014

What shape has no starting point, no ending point, a single centre and no straight sides? Actually, you might like to argue that it has an infinite amount of straight sides! The circle is such an important... more

World Villagefree17 November 2014

'If the world was a village of 100 people....'This page is about a joint project done with the mathematics and geography departments and involving primary and secondary students at the International School... more

Piece of Cake27 October 2014

'Work out how to calculate sector areas using intuition to solve this problem!'Which piece of cake is the biggest? How can you compare the size of different parts of a circle if the circles don't all... more

Dancing Vectors - TN27 October 2014

This is a really powerful way to introduce the concept of displacement vectors because of the way it relates to something like dancing. Students don't often see these connections and doing so can really... more

Visualising Indices TN27 October 2014

This is short, effective and fun. Helping students discern between 2 to the power of 3 and 2 x 3 is a constant need and having some of these pictures on the wall of the classroom could really help with... more

Visualising Indicesfree27 October 2014

'Explore the concept of indices by considering what they look like''Squared' and 'Cubed' can be explained by using 2 and 3 dimensions. The area of a square with length 5 is 52, the volume of a cube with... more

Comparing Data Distributions - TN27 October 2014

Use this fun, fictional set of results on a number of levels! Processing data, calculating averages, quartiles, ranges and more. Most importantly this resource is great for comparing distributions. The... more

Comparing Data Distributionsfree27 October 2014

'Whose results are best? Boys, Girls, Monkeys, Martians, Flying pigs, Babies or Robots?' All of the above species were asked to take a multiple choice mathematics test and the results were recorded. Now... more

Trig Modelling - Sound26 October 2014

Do you like music? If you play a musical instrument you’ll know that some combinations of notes sound great, and others sound dreadful. In this investigation you are going to discover that it is mathematics... more

Angry Birds 126 October 2014

'Take aim and hit the pigs!'You are the chosen one! Are you ready for Angry Birds Star Wars? In this game you will need to enter the 'Pork Side'. Harness 'The Force' and your supernatural powers to help... more