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Sine Cosine Transformations13 January 2015

Can you think of anything that moves in waves? Our whole modern world is founded on our ability to define, with complete precision, the movement of waves. In this activity you are going to use software... more

Equivalent Fractions8 January 2015

The activity aims to give a conceptual, visual representation of why there are a wide range of numerical fractions (an infinite amount?) that are actually equivalent i.e. represent the same amount e.g.... more

Add Subtract Fractionsfree8 January 2015

The following geogebra activities require you to move the slider and find a common slice of pie that fits perfectly into both fractions. Move the point on the third circle to show visually what the fractions... more

Visual Line Equations TN8 January 2015

The three big advantages of this activity over others that I have used for teaching equations of lines is that it is:Understanding why an equation can be used/is the best, current, definition we have... more

Visual Line Equations8 January 2015

'Visualise equations of lines. Big counters, big boards, quick changes'In a quick glance around the classroom this activity will allow you to see why algebra can indeed describe lines: their slope (gradient)... more

Teacher notes7 January 2015

Page under review. This a unit of work that may well last for 6 or 7 lessons for students aged 12 - 15. The idea is to create a really engaging context for students to explore both experimental and theoretical... more

Double Spinners9 December 2014

What is random? How can we be sure that when we spin a spinner we do it randomly? How can we predict events that are random? You should consider and answer these questions and many more during this... more

Gapminderfree9 December 2014

'Dynamic scattergraphs, oodles of real data and more..'We are really excited about Gapminder. It is great to have real, relevant data about the world so easily available. Better than that, it offers a... more

Accomodation & Coaches Dinnerfree1 December 2014

Novotel, Compans Caffarelli (5 place Alfonse Jourdain, 31000 Toulouse) Toulouse has been chosen as the coaches hotel and dinner venue during the competition.You can book your room by phone, fax or email,... more

AIDS-HIV Statisticsfree28 November 2014

'How have AIDS and HIV affected life expectancy around the world?' #WorldAIDSday 2014 , Mon 1st December worldaidsday.orgThis activity involves a study of eight different countries. You are given eight... more