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Activitiesfree14 January 2015

Age: 12 - 15 Time: 3 - 7 hours. The idea in this unit of work is to create a really engaging context for students to explore both experimental and theoretical probabilities in context. Students explore... more

Probability Card Game14 January 2015

'Play this simple card game and work out the chances of being left at the end of the game with that cheeky cat'Mistigri is a fun card game that you have probably played and enjoyed. It is surprising... more

In a Spin14 January 2015

'Record results from a virtual spinner and discover the theory behind experimental probability.'Spin, spin, spin, … Collecting data is very important to get a feeling for what happens in a probability... more

Minesweeperfree14 January 2015

Minesweeper is a great game to play. However, if you want to win, you will have to consider all the consequences of your choices. You will see from the game on the left that the person playing lost.... more

Body Surface Areafree14 January 2015

Knowledge of the human body surface area (BSA) has important applications in medical practice, in particular for the correct dosage of drugs, for cardiac index to determine heart performance, as well... more

Rearranging Formula14 January 2015

'Re-arranging formula is a notoriously difficult topic. Iron out fallacies by trying this matching tile activitiy.’Formulas or formulae are all around us. From controlling the movement of players on... more

Quadratic Moversfree14 January 2015

The equation of the simplest parabola is y = x². Easy so far? The graphs in this activity move! Click play on the video below. How do you do that? That is the crux of this activity: to reproduce the... more

Measuring the World TN14 January 2015

Google Earth is a virtual globe. Students love zooming in and out and discovering different areas. The high quality digital imagery is so good that there is a feeling that one is actually peering live... more

Measuring the World14 January 2015

Around the World in 3 years like Ferdinand Magellan, 80 days like Phileas Fogg or 23 hours like Concorde,…Discover how fast they travelled by making calculations about the Earth’s size using Google... more

Vector Translations14 January 2015

Can you drag the vectors and put the "Sitting Bird" back together again (see "resources" below), restoring its colours to their former glory? How would you describe perfectly each movement required to... more