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Equations of Linesfree31 October 2018

How do you define a line? It's important to differentiate the flight path of one plane, boat, missile etc. from another, if you don't, they may collide. Sketch 10 straight lines quickly on a piece of... more

Sine Cosine: Triangle, Circle, Wave!free2 September 2018

If you haven't been on a Ferris Wheel yet, you've probably seen one. Close your eyes, picture yourself 90m off the ground, level with the main axel of the Singapore Flyer, the world's largest Ferris Wheel... more

Human Transformationsfree23 August 2018

'Your body is an axis and your arms are the graph. It's time to "Feel the Function" and let your body illustrate the equation'This is a teacher lead activity. The first four slides are designed to be... more

Inequality Pacman 2free23 August 2018

Level 5 more

Inequality Pacmanfree23 August 2018

If you want to describe a point you use coordinates (2,5), for lines you use functions: y=-3x+2, but what about whole "regions"?One way is to use "inequalities". An "inequal" function is one in which... more

Olympic Recordsfree23 August 2018

Olympic winning performances have been improving at a remarkable rate since the modern games first began in 1896.Below you have the winning times for the last 30 Olympics in the 100m men and women's event,... more

Investment Percentagesfree23 August 2018

Investment 1Use "ZOOM" options in your internet browser if you can't see the whole applet (top of y-axes to the bottom) on one screen.Click on the "PLAY" button , BOTTOM LEFT, to start the animation and... more

Percentage Investmentsfree23 August 2018

Sometimes our intuition/gut feeling for numbers can lead us astray.What's the best way your parents could help to make your life easier? i'm sure you can think of many ways. . ! One way would be to invest... more

Constructing Quadrilateralsfree4 May 2018

Construct quadrilaterals using dynamic geometryIn the following practical activity, you will use your knowledge of the properties of quadrilaterals to construct your own shapes on a computer. You will... more

Quadratic Graphs14 January 2018

'Help the firefighter put out the fire by describing the correct path of the water'This activity is all about describing parabolas or quadratic graphs. In the final games you will need to help the firefighter... more