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Constructing Quadrilateralsfree4 May 2018

Construct quadrilaterals using dynamic geometryIn the following practical activity, you will use your knowledge of the properties of quadrilaterals to construct your own shapes on a computer. You will... more

Quadratic Graphsfree14 January 2018

'Help the firefighter put out the fire by describing the correct path of the water'This activity is all about describing parabolas or quadratic graphs. In the final games you will need to help the firefighter... more

Rotation Reflections & Prooffree2 January 2018

'Can you produce two reflections in a single rotation? Prove it!'Many of us did paint reflection art to create a pretty butterfly when we were in elementary/primary school. Since then, equations of lines... more

Activitiesfree21 December 2017

Timestables - Alternative MethodsAge: 6+ Time: 1hr. Designed for students that by the age of 11 are still having significant difficulties with some or all of their timestables. Short (1min) videos show... more

2018 Puzzlefree21 December 2017

Be creative and find how many ways you can put together 2,0,1 & 8 to make different numbers.2018 is the year and this brings a new challenge. This activity is the 2018 puzzle. Using ALL the digits in... more

'OXO'free23 November 2017

'A great problem that instantly engages and gives rise to lots of algebraic sequences - terrific for linking sequences to real situations'Imagine a 3D game of Noughts and Crosses, Tic Tac Toe or OXO for... more

Angry Birds 2free30 October 2017

The pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs. That makes them angry, very angry. They take aim and launch themselves towards the pigs to get their revenge and reclaim their babies. Based on the classic angry... more

Modelling Quadraticsfree19 October 2017

Find curves in monuments, buildings and water jets and fit a parabola to them using dynamic geometry software.' Quadratic graphs are everywhere you look. They can describe the paths of rockets, balls... more

Percentage Investmentsfree7 October 2017

Sometimes our intuition/gut feeling for numbers can lead us astray.What's the best way your parents could help to make your life easier? i'm sure you can think of many ways. . ! One way would be to invest... more

Logarithms: An Introductionfree7 October 2017

Have you worked it out yet: 984 876 543 210 x 875 622 375 933 ? Compare methods in the class - have we all used the same method? Now compare your answers, are they all the same?Most people tend to make... more