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Transformations and Tesselationsfree22 March 2021

'Can you transform these shapes to make them tesselate? A jigsaw puzzle with a twist!' Tesselations can be wonderfully hypnotic! With some it can really quite intuitive to tell how the shapes fit togethr... more

Congruent halves and transfomationsfree22 March 2021

'Can you cut these shapes in 2 such that the two halves are congruent?' These problems are brilliant and have been around for ages. You need some real lateral thought to figure out how to divide the... more

2021 Puzzlefree6 January 2021

Be creative and find how many ways you can put together 2,0,2 & 1 to make different numbers.2021 is the year and this brings a new challenge. This activity is the 2021 puzzle. Using ALL the digits in... more

Factorising3 November 2020

Using only multiplication and addition find a link between the numbers in the original "expressions" (what is the difference between an "expression" a "formula" and an "equation"?) and the factorised... more

Human Transformationsfree23 October 2020

'Your body is an axis and your arms are the graph. It's time to "Feel the Function" and let your body illustrate the equation'This is a teacher lead activity. The first four slides are designed to be... more

Engaging Starters, inspiration, inquiryfree23 October 2020

1. Human Transformations2. Wire Transformations3. Wave Transformations How your ear hears (first 5m10 for IB trig classes, first 2m25 as an intro to Tri, or from 3m to 5m10 as a fractions starter!) and... more

Why Subscribe?free18 September 2020

This is a project that has been a number of years in the making to this point and one that we have been thinking deeply about for all of that time. For those that are interested or need persuading, here... more

Olympic Recordsfree30 July 2020

Olympic winning performances have been improving at a remarkable rate since the modern games first began in 1896.Below you have the winning times for the last 30 Olympics in the 100m men and women's event,... more

Geometry Virtual Manipulativesfree20 July 2020

This clever applet from Illuminations should help you understand the dynamics of sound. You can hear the sound then see the animated sound wave, which has been slowed down so that you can see it. You... more

Even and Odd Functions14 June 2020

'Spot patterns and describe the shapes of graphs'This is an investigation about a particular type of function: even functions and odd functions. You should be able to describe their properties using reflections... more