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Dividing FractionsfreeMon 24 April 2017

Divisions are just a different way of doing multiplications: can be written as the multiplication . You can do exactly the same with fractions, so if you know how to multiply fractions you will be able... more

Parking RotationsThu 13 April 2017

'Park the car!'Reverse parking is one of the hardest things you have to do when driving a car. Here’s your chance to hone your skills in this area so that you’ll pass your driving test with flying... more

Volume of PyramidfreeThu 13 April 2017

If you discover rules and formula for yourself then you’ll understand that mathematics is real and not abstract. If you take ownership of these formulae then they should have more meaning to you, and... more

Volume of Pyramid TNThu 13 April 2017

Teacher NotesThis is a lovely practical activity to help students visualise and derive the formula for the volume of a pyramid. By constructing square based pyramids (10cm by 10cm) with height 5cm then... more

ActivitiesfreeThu 13 April 2017

Age 10+ Time 1-2 hrs: This activity is about understanding the properties of quadrilaterals. A far deeper understanding is gained if we can use them to construct the shapes themselves. This is a real... more

Constructing QuadrilateralsfreeMon 27 March 2017

Construct quadrilaterals using dynamic geometryIn the following practical activity, you will use your knowledge of the properties of quadrilaterals to construct your own shapes on a computer. You will... more

Roll 'emWed 4 January 2017

Roll it. Is that what you expected? Roll again, and again, ...Probability is a fairly new mathematical concept. For a long time gamblers were scared to analyse games of chance with mathematics because... more

Guess My ColourfreeWed 4 January 2017

Guess the colour. Take a cube. Are you right?You really can’t play enough probability games! How good are you at guessing? Does it involve any skill or it down to luck? If you get some extra information... more

ActivitiesfreeThu 29 December 2016

Timestables - Alternative MethodsAge: 6+ Time: 1hr. Designed for students that by the age of 11 are still having significant difficulties with some or all of their timestables. Short (1min) videos show... more

Area of ParallelogramfreeThu 29 December 2016

Discover the Area of a Parallelogram Look at this shape. What do you see? What are the names of the shapes? Would you be able to find the area of the shapes? In this activity, the aim to explore the properties... more