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Craig Barton Recommends Teachmathematics 17 October 2012

It's always nice to know that other mathematics teachers appreciate the site so it was a proud moment for the site to get a glowing testimony from Craig Barton AKA MrBartonmaths and the main man behind... more

Five great ideas for visualising number! 7 October 2012

The abstraction of numbers is a fascinating topic for debate and discussion and the root of much confusion in secondary school matehmatics students, not to mention many of the worlds adults! As teachers,... more

Visualising Indices - new direction 30 September 2012

This activity comes around year after year for me and I love that each time you do an activity you come up with new ideas about how to develop it. It is even better when those new ideas come from students!... more

Natural medium 8 February 2012

One of the reasons I both love and hate twitter! I am casually flicking through some pages over breakfast and I happen on this blog post from Dan Meyer. In fairness the blog post seemed mostly to point... more

Optimal Cuboid 13 November 2011

This blog post is just a quick way of sharing an idea that is developing. I love it when ideas pop in to your head as you are teaching and you just go with them. Its a risk, but some times brilliant... more

Education Revolution 25 September 2011

In this entry I am writing down some of the thoughts I have following two things that I have paid attention to this week. The first is the TEDxLondon event on the theme ‘Education Revolution’. The... more

Physical Manipulatives 11 September 2011

Pick it up and move it around! This is a brief reflection on my experiences this week in thinking about the merits of physical Vs virtual manipulatives. Working in a school with a one to one laptop programme... more

CAS - which way to go? 22 August 2011

This blog entry was written as part of a reflection on the ICTMT 10 conference held in July in Portsmouth, UK. CAS for schools is tricky decision at the moment, but I must confess that this conference... more

ICTMT 10 - Portsmouth 22 August 2011

This blog is a short reflection on my experience of the ICTMT10 conference in Portsmouth 5 – 8 July 2011. I will not attempt a complete review of the conference for two reasons. Firstly, it would be... more

An incentive to generalise 17 July 2011

I recently attended the ICTMT10 conference in Portsmouth. Amongst the many presentations was a thought provoking keynote from Richard Noss in which one of the themes was considering the merits of different... more