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Digital Memories 14 July 2013

I’m lucky enough to have a sparky class of Year 10 students. At the school where I work we recognise that GCSE mathematics on its own is not enough to prepare them for the Higher Level Mathematics... more

Adding life to old problems! 25 June 2013

I recently went to an International School in Geneva to work with their mathematics department for a day as part of their adoption of a 'bring your own device' scheme. It is always a pleasure to do... more

Mathematics Scrapbooks 12 June 2013

'Thinking about what we keep and how we keep it' This is an old blog post I wrote last year somewhere else. It has come back to my mind again because I recently read an article in the MT journal... more

Wrong, right, misleading? 8 June 2013

This post is a great example of the type of distraction that crosses my path all too often these days. My life was so much simpler before twitter and facebook. This one started when I picked up this... more

Mathagogy, one question lessons and making cones 27 May 2013

This is a blog antry to support my video enty to the mathagogy project from @pepsmccrea. The project is a fabulous idea and I can hardly wait to see some of the video entries! Anyway, I have made my... more

Mr Men Mathematics 15 May 2013

So, while the Mr Men are enjoying a revival in UK teaching I thought I would jump on the bandwagon with some ideas for using the Mr Men in some Mathematics lessons. I blogged yesterday in support of... more

Mr Men teaching in Toulouse 13 May 2013

For any of you who are UK based, you will doubtless have followed the now infamous 'Mr Men Speech' by Michael Gove last week. For those of you who are not, follow the links - it is worth a read whatever... more

The homework debate! 13 November 2012

The following blog post is a quick response the question above that has been posed by the #globalmath group on twitter who are having a debate on this topic this evening based on some responses to this... more

Using Games in Mathematics 24 October 2012

Generally students enjoy playing games (who doesn't). Whilst we can find many attractive and fun games online I'm often disappointed with the quality of the questions. If it's fun, but the students don't... more

Visual Sequences 22 October 2012

This has come up a couple of times recently and seeing a twitter discussion on 'brilliant activities using manipulatives' I decided to write this down quickly. This is a beautiful and simple activity... more