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Seeing through these problems! 4 December 2014

At our school in Toulouse, the classrooms have one wall that is almost entirely glass and big double glass doors on the opposite wall. This makes for a lovely light a spacious room but sometimes... more

Maths Journals 25 June 2014

About a year ago, I wrote this blog post about keeping Mathematical Scrapbooks and in the mean time I have also posted this about Mathematical Communication. A year on from that first post I am reviewing... more

Mathematical Task Design 17 June 2014

The people at the UK based NCETM who organise the Tuesday night #mathscpdchat on twitter asked for volunteers to steer the chat during the month of June. I have volunteerd for Tuesday 17th June 2014... more

School of Hard Sums 4 June 2014

I have just watched my first episode of 'School of Hard Sums' and really enjoyed it. I dont live in the UK and so am playing catch up. It is another great example of what I put under the heading of... more

Qama Calculators 15 May 2014

So we have just invested in a few of these Qama calculators to play with. I think I just needed to see one for myself and see how it worked. The basic logic is really quite simple. You enter a calculation... more

Mathemagician 16 January 2014

My son received a magic box recently as a present. There are some nice tricks in it (disappearing coins and silks, etc.) but one mind-reading trick in particular caught my eye. First, a member of... more

Christmas Mathematics Lessons 8 December 2013

This is the question that irks me most when we approach the end of Christmas term. Of course, I would want to reply that all lessons are fun! However, the forthcoming Christmas break always presents... more

Ideas to Activities 6 October 2013

So how many mathematics teachers have had the experiencing of sharing a really cool bit of mathematics with their students only to be disappointed that their students didn't get caught up in the magic... more

Mathematical Communication 15 September 2013

'Tell me a story with a beginning, middle and an end' This is just a short observation based on a couple of experiences this week. I found myself talking about written communication a number of times... more

A Balanced Mathematical Diet 10 August 2013

This year I have the mixed ability 14/15yr old group. Over two years we need to work together to achieve the goals students set themselves for their General Certificate of Secondary Education exams aged... more