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Day 1 - Online school 16 March 2020

As I write I am acutely aware that many of you have been doing this for a number of weeks already. You already had my sympathies for what I could only imagine is a dificult situation but now, after my... more

Euro 2016 Fractions Decimals % 9 June 2016

France is this year hosting football’s Euro 2016 competition and I thought a number of teachers might find this resource useful (I’ve added more explanation on the sheet than I do in class e.g. the... more

A favourite starter 17 January 2016

This is a quick post just to share one of my favourite little starting activities and a couple of related thoughts. These things are just little gems to be collected and treasured. This one was first... more

Christmas Activities 17 December 2015

Have a Merry Mathematical Christmas!So with Christmas coming around again it is time to find some activities that will entertain the students in the last week yet offer something meaningful mathematical... more

Museum of Mathematics 22 October 2015

More Please!On a recent visit to Barcelona to run a teacher workshop I found my way to the 'Catalan Museum of Mathematics' and I was so glad that I did. I thought I would share few pictures and experiences... more

Les Fetes des maths! 20 October 2015

A festival of mathematics - what a great idea! This is quick post a terrific day we had in Beaumont de Lomagne on Sunday 11th October at the annual 'Fetes des maths' which is held at the birth place of... more

Lego Mathematics 20 October 2015

On Friday I attended a CPD session ran by Dominic P. Tremblay entitled ‘Everything is Awesome with LEGO® Math!’ as part of the Practical Pedagogies conference organised at our school. As you can... more

Changes to the site 22 March 2015

If you are reading this then it might be because you have noticed that many more of the activities that are on the site require a password for access. We are genuinely sorry if this has inconvenienced... more

Polygon Proofs 8 March 2015

I have been playing with an old activity recently that was shown to me in my first year of teaching about three different ways to prove the interior angle of a polygon. In short, it involves starting... more

Enjoyed using these resources? 15 December 2014

Hello all, we are writing to ask for your help. We would really like to collect some feedback from people who use this site. If you have ever used resources from the site and had a positive experience,... more