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Day 8 - Online school

Wednesday 25 March 2020

And breathe....

You might remember that Wednesdays are a half day for us and once again that was welcome. There is definitely a more relaxed atmosphere around my house. A bit of free time and a bit of fresh air, a bit of Netflix, a bit of baking, a lot of laughing and a well earned break. For that reason, todays observations are reserved as short and salient!

Appreciation - I found myself getting a little irritated with some students who it seemed were not following my instructions to the letter. Not reading advice, not following links and not making as much progress as planned. The group work thing ran out of steam a bit today. As I sensed the emotion (and recognised it from my classroom) I remembered how incredible our students have been in adapting to this virtual environment. I paused and wrote this message.

'By the way - can I just add some serious congratulations to you all for the way you are handling this whole virtual school thing - I (we - I know colleagues feel the same way) am just really impressed by how adaptable you are and the effort you are making to take part as fully as you can. Its not ideal, but huge well done to you all...'

My message was appreciated and I felt better afterwards. The problem is that we have all worked so hard to adapt (Teachers and students) that I have put my expectations back to where they were - a bit too soon.

Taking the easy road - I remembered today that this is also a technique I use when I need it in school. Sometimes you need to be kind to yourself and take the easy road, some times it is better for everyone.

So on that note - thats it - I'm taking the easy road, we are all human right!

See you tomorrow



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