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Day 2 - Online School

Tuesday 17 March 2020

A bit calmer!

So I think this was a little bit calmer than yesterday. I felt like I was only managing 10 simultaneous conversations instead of 20. As a family we watched M. Macron deliver his 'Waron the virus' speech last night and prepared ourselves for confinement. That all escalated very quickly. Trying to imagine what that is like for our students - it is certainly a new one. Anyway - the virtual bell went at 8.30 and off we went again. I have a 6 lesson day on Tuesday.

What happened and what did I use?

First up I scrambled to get todays 'Daily curiosity' post together. I was reminded of these great close up photo puzzles.. and this blog I wrote a few years ago about the value of spending time looking for details and learning about mathematics.

There was a lovely video about curiosity from Braincraft and the stroy of Richard Feynman asking 'What if I tried to write the entire Encyclopedia on the head of a pin' and what that might have led to.

With Grade 12 Maths Studies, I was busy dotting the 'i's and corsing the 't's on their internal assessments and refering them to the student writing guide. It will be marking day for me tomorrow!

With Grade 11 Maths AI - we are still reviewing some basic functions and it was reall graet to e able to use the truly wonderful 'Teacher Desmos' and the exponential marbleslides. With the dashboard I can see it all happening and type thoughts directly to students. With teams open at the same time, I was able to have a couple of one on one conversations about the features of the functions just as I might have in class.

Grade 8 was a repeat class from yesterday and Grade 9 was a continuation of our Volume of Pyramids activity which went well.

The afternoon is ToK for me and, as it would happen, I did this  Modelling Spread of Disease activity with G11 last week on a theme of the role of simulation - see the great simulation from the Washington post on this Coronavirus & Modelling page that I have lots to add to... they are writing about mathematics and ToK and reflecting on the role of simulation in producing knowledge!

Anyway - all these and 100 exchanges with colleagues and students and my own gang here at home - so nice to have lunch together. Two of them are in my G9 maths class taking part from their bedrooms!!!

Hope everyone is doing OK - signing off for the eveing now - Jim

Major hat tip to Desmos today



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