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Using Games in Mathematics

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Expanding Double Brackets

Generally students enjoy playing games (who doesn't). Whilst we can find many attractive and fun games online I'm often disappointed with the quality of the questions. If it's fun, but the students don't really learn much mathematics what's the point?

I'm keen to create some games and have found a useful platform from

Here are a couple of games to practise expanding double brackets. In the first game the students have to save the world by shooting invaders. In the second they have a choice of which game they prefer including an old classic Manic Miner!

I aim to create a whole actvity on factorising brackets and these games will provide a warm-up.

Enjoy the games and let me know what you think.

Round 1

Click here for larger version

Round 2

Click here for larger version

Tags: quadratics, expanding brackets, algebra


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