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Craig Barton Recommends Teachmathematics

Wednesday 17 October 2012

It's always nice to know that other mathematics teachers appreciate the site so it was a proud moment for the site to get a glowing testimony from Craig Barton AKA MrBartonmaths and the main man behind mathematics resources in the TES.

Here's Craig's short video:

Here are the three activities and the training resources that Craig mentioned in his video

 Angry Birds

Age: 15+ Time 1 hr. This set of games asks students to find the correct equation of the parabola in order to hit the pig!  Three set of coordinates are given and students are required to calculate the equation of the parabola.  They will be required to understand the equation of a quadratic, in particular the form y=a(x - p)(x - q) would be helpful.  Great fun!

 3D Perception

Age: 12+ Time 1h  The aim of this resource is to develop student’s association of nets, hence surface area, with 3D solids, hence volume. The activity starts with a matching activity, nets and solids, some of which work, some don’t, students can cut and fold to check. Two virtual manipulative websites are then used, one aimed at inspiring them with a wide, and unusual range of 3D shapes.

 Roll 'em

Roll, roll, roll… This carefully structured activity aims to get students to discover that experimental probability approaches theoretical probability as we increase the number of trials.  We often overlook the importance of carrying out games of chance to build up an intuition for probability.  In this case we roll a dice then use a lifelike simulator on Excel to produce up to 2000 rolls. Age: 11+ Time: 1h

TSM - July 2012 - Introductory Geogebra

Objectives - To support workshop participants to get to grips with geogebra software and demonstrate its uses in the mathematics classroom.

Aims - Participants should observe potential, get practice, be inspired to use it in the classroom!

Content - Learn the basics of creating geometrical figures, measurement and calculation; coordinate geometry and functions for elementary and advance topics.


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