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Visualising Indices - new direction

Sunday 30 September 2012

Stop animation video!

This activity comes around year after year for me and I love that each time you do an activity you come up with new ideas about how to develop it. It is even better when those new ideas come from students! The activity is  Visualising Indices. This year, one of my students decided to create a stop motion video to represent a particular power. I think this is a brilliant development of the idea and have added the video to the activity page and embedded it below as well with some more images of this years efforts and a link to a  school blog entry about it! The whole thing also got me interested in the use of stop motion video for this type of thing and so I got straight in to  iStopmotion for iPad and iPhone which is fabulous and highly recommended. The iPad runs the show and works with the iPhone as a remote camera so that the camera can stay in the same place.

Stopmotion video

Some more photos

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