Jim Noble

Jim Noble is the Head of Mathematics at the International School of Toulouse (IST), where he teaches students from 11 to 18 years old at all levels of Mathematics. Jim has an undergraduate degree from Exeter University, and postgraduate qualifications from Nottingham and Oxford Universities, the latter based on the use of context in Mathematics teaching. Jim has been teaching since 1999 in the UK state and now International school systems.  

Jim is an active proponent of mathematical thinking and the type of task design that facilitates and encourages students to engage fruitfully with and be creative with mathematics. He runs regular workshops, conference sessions and school visits for the IB, InThinking and for secondary mathematics teaching in general.

See http://www.inthinking.co.uk/site/recommendations/mathematics-studies/jim-noble.htm for testimonials.

In addition, Jim writes and maintains these two websites for mathematics teachers, http://www.teachmathematics.net/  (co written with colleagues Oliver Bowles and Richard Wade) and http://www.thinkib.net/mathstudies for teachers of the IB Mathematical Studies teachers.