Transformation Game

 Score the most points to win this fun board game

This activity will get you to practise your skills in transforming shapes. You will need a bit of luck and some strategy to get the most points and win the game. Before attempting the game you should already know how to reflect, rotate and translate shapes. The game is fairly simple to understand: a player selects a card, transforms a shape on the board according to the instructions and gains the points that the shape covers.

How to Play

You will get a good idea of how to play this game by watching this short video

The Board

The game is played on the following board. It is embedded below for a quick glance. It can be printed on A4 paper, but is best A3 size.

The Rules

A copy of the rules can be printed out

  • The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible.
  • The game can be played by 2-4 players.
  • Deal 2 cards to each player and leave the rest of the pack in a pile face down on the table.
  • Place the cut-out piece on an agreed position on the game board.
  • Player 1 looks at his/her cards and chooses a card to transform the piece to another position on the board. He/she moves the piece according to the transformation.
  • The player receives the total number of points that are covered by the piece (see below) and he/she replaces his/her played card by drawing another card from the pack.
  • The other players check that the transformation is correct. If a player believes there to be an error they can challenge the move. If the move is incorrect then the piece is moved to its original position and the player at fault misses a turn. No points are scored. If the challenging player is incorrect then this player misses their next turn.
  • The game moves on and the next player takes their turn.
  • A transformation that takes the piece off the board results in a penalty of -5 points. The piece is returned to the original position and this player misses a turn.
  • If a joker is used then the player must describe fully the transformation before the piece is moved.
  • If a player is not happy with his/her cards they may exchange them with ones from the pile. This uses a player’s turn and no points are scored.
  • Players may agree that each player has a maximum time to decide a card to play (e.g. 20 seconds) to keep the game moving quickly.
  • Note that a reflection will result in the piece being flipped over.
  • Play continues until a designated time has passed.
  • The player with the highest total score wins.


In the position below 2 points are scored (-5 + 5 + 2)

A reflection in the line y = x would give the next player 5 points (4+2-1)

The Cards

The following cards need to be printed out, cut up and then shuffled ready for the game. They are embedded below for a quick glance.

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