Inequality Graphs

Recreate these lovely graphs

In this activity you will discover how to describe and create shaded spaces on graphs. If you are quite confident with plotting straight line graphs then this should be no problem for you. All you need is some graphing software like Geogebra and a willingness to try some of your ideas out!

Warm Up

Students should be confident with using equations to describe straight line graphs. This applet may be useful for revising the gradient and y intercept.

Checking Understanding

Play this Kahoot! Game to check understanding of straight line graphs.

Never played Kahoot! before? Here's an overview.


How might you describe the following?


Plotting Inequalities

Inequalities can be plotted using graphing software like Geogebra. Recreate the following graphs by plotting the correct inequality. Your teacher may wish you to submit your solutions on a document.

Careful - some lines are dotted, others are bold.

Support Activities 

Here are some other lovely game activities that might provide some extra support with work on graphing inequalities

Inequalities Pacman

Age: 14+ Time: 1h Students have to modify the inequalities to trap each ghost in turn within their "laser fields" (no software required). Care is required because if their inequalities aren't precise they could easily burn the baby! Levels increase in difficulty, from one to three ghosts, but only using linear inequalities. Playable on ipad also.​

Inequalities Dinosaurs

Age: 14+ Time: 1h Questions start off easy (one or two vert/horiz inequalities) to ensure all students can be engaged - will they save the eggs from the Pterodactyls? The aim of the activity is to focus student attention on how coordinates relate to the inequality and hence facilitate a better understanding of which side of an inequality students should shade. Playable on ipad etc. also.

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