Roll 'em

Roll it.  Is that what you expected?  Roll again, and again, ...

Probability is a fairly new mathematical concept.  For a long time gamblers were scared to analyse games of chance with mathematics because they thought the results were determined by God, and to meddle in that would be a sin!  Therefore, for a long time this area of mathematics remained a mystery.  You can build up your own probabilistic intuition by playing games of chance and you can get a good feel for how games of chance will work out in the long run if we carry out lots of experiments.  In this experiment you will be rolling a dice and looking at the results.


This activity requires one six-faced dice per student.  A computer with the software Excel will be required to simulate many rolls of a dice.
The following worksheet details the experiment  Roll 'em
This Dice Simulator will be required for the third part of the experiment.  This file is 14Mb and make a little time to download.

To use the above spreadsheet you need to have the Analysis ToolPak loaded.  For help with Excel 2007 or later: . For Excel 2003 go toTools -> Add-Ins -> check Analysis Toolpak.

Here is a short video demonstration to show you how the Dice Simulator works


Here follows an outline of what the task is

  • Predict the outcome of a dice experiment

  • Carry out the experiment 30 times

  • Discuss results

  • Carry out the experiment 60 more times

  • Compare results

  • Use the simulator to carry out the experiment 2000 times

  • How your results compare for the Theoretical Probability and the Experimental Probability as the number of rolls increases?

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