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Roll 'emfreeWed 4 January 2017

Roll it. Is that what you expected? Roll again, and again, ...Probability is a fairly new mathematical concept. For a long time gamblers were scared to analyse games of chance with mathematics because... more

Guess My ColourWed 4 January 2017

Guess the colour. Take a cube. Are you right?You really can’t play enough probability games! How good are you at guessing? Does it involve any skill or it down to luck? If you get some extra information... more

ActivitiesfreeThu 29 December 2016

Timestables - Alternative MethodsAge: 6+ Time: 1hr. Designed for students that by the age of 11 are still having significant difficulties with some or all of their timestables. Short (1min) videos show... more

Area of ParallelogramfreeThu 29 December 2016

Discover the Area of a Parallelogram Look at this shape. What do you see? What are the names of the shapes? Would you be able to find the area of the shapes? In this activity, the aim to explore the properties... more

2017 PuzzlefreeThu 29 December 2016

Be creative and find how many ways you can put together 2,0,1 & 7 to make different numbers.2017 is the year and this brings a new challenge. This activity is the 2017 puzzle. Using ALL the digits in... more

Percentage difference puzzlefreeTue 6 December 2016

What's the difference?How well do people know the facts about the places they live? Here are some results of a real survey to find out just that. People were asked 'how many people out of 100 in your... more

Modeling DiseasefreeTue 1 November 2016

'Modeling Disease saves lives - How and Why?'Advantages of the activity: A very engaging context, accessible to all, which provides a physical world "memory" aid and conceptual context within which the... more

Modelling, Inquiry, InspirationfreeThu 8 September 2016

There are lots and lots of great videos out on the net that make an engaging introduction to mathematical concepts and techniques but finding them can take time! Session 1: Inspiration and inquiry - videos... more

Transformation GamefreeThu 28 July 2016

Score the most points to win this fun board gameThis activity will get you to practise your skills in transforming shapes. You will need a bit of luck and some strategy to get the most points and win... more

ActivitiesfreeWed 6 July 2016

Age 13+ Time 30 mins to 1 hr: This is a fun board game to be played in groups of 2-4. Students use cards to transform a shape and gain points according to where they land on the board. This can be used... more